"Server full" when trying to quick play


anyone else getting this message?
I managed to get into two qp’s after the patch and both lost connection to the host mid game. After that I only got the “Server full” message when trying to join a game via quick play.

I did experience that yesterday as well.

This might also be related to the fact that information displayed in the grid of lobby browser is sometimes different from the information contained in the details panel when you select a certain match. The number of players in the game doesn’t always match and in special cases – it appears that all 4 classes are already taken (judging by their crossed portraits). This is something I haven’t seen before.

It would seem that these exact (full) matches are being selected for QP.

I would go further and assume there is some discrepancy (judging by the lobby list) which leads either to these full matches being queued into, or to other instances where you end up playing a completely different class than desired.

I also noticed that a lot of players were joining in and leaving just as I was loading into a particular game in which I ended up playing a different character than desired. Might this be a result of a lack of synchronization/book keeping as the players are joining games?

It only lasted for an hour or so. Then everything went back to normal.

But you might be right, I have the character selection (disabled in settings) a lot since the last patch. As well as the problem spawning as a different character.

Hmmm, I have no experience with this particular error, but we’ll watch out for this.

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