Quickplay Trying to Connect to Full Parties

Not a consistent problem but have had multiple issues where Quickplay has tried having me join a group that already had 4 players. I would get the hero select and would only have 1 selection, the other 4 were X’ed out. I would then select the hero and then get any error stating the party was full.

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Happens all the time. I constantly see people trying to connect to my lobby and getting kicked. People are also trying to connect to parties set to private.

Sometimes during a match a message that one of player has disconnected pops up even though the player is still in the team. Afterwards you get lots of quick-play join attempts even though there are already 4 players.

Is this a follow-up bug from the old steam disconnection issues? Before when losing connection to steam you’d also drop out of the game leaving a spot open for another QP to join. Possible desync between lobby system, active games, and steam going on here?

console-2020-01-30-17.06.36-59d6aa16-995c-4caf-bbe2-829e85001e62.log (2.4 MB)
If you can trace it I’m pretty sure it’s in the log above. Otherwise it’d be in the one below.

console-2020-01-30-18.29.31-718ae856-36e2-49f2-af55-86abda5d9653.log (1.6 MB)

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