People joining a full lobby

I just had a game (Legend Against the Grain, I was host) where people kept joining even though the lobby was already full. Someone said in chat that one disconnected for a brief moment, but I didn’t see it myself or can’t remember it.

  • Had a full lobby
  • apparently someone DCed for a second?
  • chat message that someone joined the lobby (even though we were already 4)
  • the one joining said the loading screen is unusually long
  • we told him the lobby was already full
  • he left, joined again and left again
  • two other people tried to join before the game ended
  • one was still trying as the game ended
  • the game crashed before the loot screen

This has been happening for a while.

If you join a QP game and the hero screen pops up with 4 X’s then it means the party is full but it still lets you join.

If you’re in a full group where people are continually joining then your game is now bugged and will disconnect or crash upon wiping or completing.

Both have happened to me. I don’t understand what’s causing it but if you’re in a full group, ask the host to set the game on private to prevent loss of progress (until it gets fixed).

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