What causes a game to appear full?

Was playing with 2 friends and a rando yesterday, and at one point one friend whose connection is notoriously unstable got kicked from the game - chat message said “X has left.”
Happens, so I just put the game in private to hold his spot and he attempted to rejoin. Usually this works fine, but this time he had a message saying the game was full (despite him having been replaced by a bot), I couldn’t invite him via Steam and when we finished the map, the friend that remained in game with me and I got the “Broken connection” messagebox and were put back in our own keeps.

Note that usually his internet just crashes, but this time it didn’t, he was still on discord with us and connected to steam. I’ll post logs tonight if they’re necessary.

I suspect that the lobby may have become corrupted. Usually this is the case if a player is unable to join, even after a direct invite.

It’s a nuisance, but in uncommon cases of this happening I think creating a new lobby is the only solution.

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