Joining/leaving game: strange behaviour/system messages

Since the last patch or before it the joining to games seems clunky. I host mostly all the time and when I do, in chat the system message can be seen first but after a few seconds you can see the “joining icon” at the place of the teammates. In earlier versions the chat popped instantly AND the icon as well in the same time when someone was joining the game. I am noticing more “multiplayer session is full” errors since this, but i’m all alone in the keep.

The other thing is if you disband the party, then all of the other players name and the fact they are left the game is shown in the chat as system message. In this scenario after a game starts the system messages appear again as they are seemingly joining the game, and quickly they leaving it. Those players’ names are bugged in who were disconnected from me due to a disband. Sometimes more than 1 player join/leave, but mostly the last one in alphabetical order (on the screeshot the last one’s name begins with a "W). No matter that the party is full, have no bots, the system messages keep coming when loading in the map, and when loading out of it to scoreboard.

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