Addition to "Joining/leaving game: strange behaviour/system messages", "Mad system connection messages" and "Full lobby join bug"

I think these three are all connected, but I would like to add my experience since it might have useful details.

Recently the system started sending these joining/leaving messages. I’m actually fine with that because I can see who I’m joining and who the host is, although I don’t think it was desired behaviour.

  1. During at least a couple of games there would be a message about one or more players leaving. They would usually stay in the game, although on at least one occasion the player leaving would actually appear as a bot for up to 10 seconds. The players didn’t leave because there is no way for anyone to rejoin the game so quickly. I cannot say if on the occasion when HUD showed “bot” in the character name the player was actually replaced by the bot.

  2. In one game - and this may be the other side of “full lobby join bug”; I was the host on that occasion - I saw the message about a player leaving and joining, although the player stayed in the game all the time. However, from that point onwards, there were at least 5 failed attempts to join the game by other players.

  • I’ve also been getting disconnected at the end of a game. It comes up saying “Join X 160 seconds”, as long as I don’t click cancel I still got the end screens and loot.
    Note: earlier in this game it said the I left in chat, but I was still in the game

  • When trying to Quick Join or searching through the lobby browser, that 4 characters are crossed out and I can only pick the one left. This either means it’s trying to join me into a full group OR it’s bugged and thinks there is one more person than there really is.

Who knows, maybe FS has an experimental build to allow 5 characters. I would be very interested in playing some kind of cata+ with a 5-member team.

I once was playing as the host when I saw in chat “Flinlock has left the game.” I was certainly still there and the three players who were clients stayed connected, and we finished the level without issue… strange!

This started not so long ago, and now it’s so bad that we should get achievements for even managing to get pre-made group into map without dc-ing or not being able to join.

Took me prolly 15 minutes to even get everyone joined yesterday with multiple restarts and then we got it running and friend got kicked 5 minutes into the run and I couldn’t even close the game normal way because… “someone was joining”.

For me it’s people insta-disconnecting when trying to join, people getting the full lobby bug or people randomly dcing during game.

I for one haven’t had any of your bad experiences, apart from how it was distracting to get “trying to join…” messages.

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