Messages about joining players

Messages about joining players do not appear in chat for clients, only for the host. This wasn’t the case before, so I conclude that it is a bug.

Steps to reproduce: play as client, watch people join without any messages.

This is a chat box for Sigmar’s sake.


Just finished a game as client and I saw all the messages of people joining/leaving.

Doesn’t seem to be as universal as your post suggests.

I don’t see the messages either, since the Engi patch probably something to do with the network stuff


Thanks for the replies, mates. Seems like a console log is in order.

console-2021-02-21-00.57.24-816763f3-1eb2-4a9a-ae0b-c625ebd8ceee.log (1.3 MB)

One game - joined a game with 2 people and Victor bot, didn’t get a message when someone playing Sienna joined halfway through and replaced the bot.

As a client I only see messages about people leaving, not joining. It’s a bit strange.

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I have the same problem, I thought it was universal.

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