Join bug

Issue Summary:
Just had a game where I was able to read chat from a different game than the one I hosted.
According to chat messages from other players I came up as unknown in the game I was actually playing (was host) and as joining in the other one.
Not sure if this is reproducable as I used the method to cancel an accidental qp multiple times now but cant remember this happening before.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Join QP
  2. Cancel join by going to the main menu
  3. Start a different game

This is definitely reproducable, I also had that bug already and I did the exact same steps you did, but it doesn’t happen always from my experience.
I think this might also be one cause for the problem with players “joining forever”, where you see the player joining in the ui, but he never actually joins.

edit: typo lol

there are 3~4 ways to reproduce this 100%
but also, solo quick play sanctioned mod can reproduce this bug too.

Noticed this as well while testing out my lobby for Julia.

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