Suggest other heoes off bugged

Yet once again it bugs out, asking you to choose another hero.
There’s people connecting/leaving spam during games again.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this was ever resolved. I’ve bumped it with our developers.

In one recent log file of mine (got deleted as the dir got a bit too large and didn’t think this annoyed anyone anymore as much it did) there was three games of which the fist 2 had the same host. We wiped and got the same map by starting a QP. Host disbanded and migration was feeling optimistic, but unfortunately it wasn’t based on reality. Then I joined another game and left after that. In the log after the host quit it did this back and forth handshake with the host, some Steam auth lines accompanied by a network obj creation for the old host with destruction following.

After the final, third, game the same went on but this time with both of the hosts I played with. I left the second party when in keep & by closing the game.

It had now some errors connecting with the first host but did do a Steam handshake successfully , and with the second host it did the back and forth create / destroy play with Steam stuff mixed in without error codes. I think I was the owner of the player objects created.

My keep had not started loading yet after that second game, but the session did look to get destructed ok kust before the odd stuff.

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