Disconnecting all the time

Another post about bugs appearing after making patch live.
Random connection crashes. They get us all the time. They make a 4+ fake-slot matches, they make a host-lost-loot crashes, they make an infinite loading…
Please look into this console logs i made for you and tell me if i can do something of these network crashes.
4 folders, every contains console log and screenshot (if problem got visual clues)
Errorlogs.zip (2.1 MB)

I’ve been getting disconnected from the host about 70% of the time since beta went live. Had to uninstall since game is unplayable.

Game is completely unstable and there is definitely something wrong with their backend servers.

We’re currently investigating the recently reported connectivity issues - apologies for the inconvenience.

Could you make an attempt to make Fatshark make some kind of announcement when this is over? Kinda “Hey, 9\10 connection crash reasons are fixed now, come and try it” on E-mail for people who quits game because of this?
I’d not want to lose player count because of temporary troubles… The game is really good anyway, gonna stay in it no matter what

Btw, is there any tutorial for detecting bad’s in our logs?
It was kinda helpful in other games like STALKER or Skyrim and etc.
Sometimes, people should be armed to fight for their own happiness,
so if there is no such tutorial - think about it, maybe you should make it.
Smth like “Console log FAQ’s” containing categories like “Game crashes\connection crashes\Host-client issues and etc”
Would be much easier for us and you, if person could just go there and “Ooh, connection crashes! Ooh, losing host in the end of the game! Ooh, here’s the line in console i should check! Oooh, i need only to some easy but unobvious action! Holy Sigmar, it worked!” and enjoy this 45gb of happyness for 120% instead of clone-posting whole forum with one or two similar problem, making you read tons of copy-paste reports.

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