Constant disconnects ever since the Chaos Wastes release

console-2021-04-25-14.29.12-9dd6c3b5-cc37-4cd9-8338-3685ea64b90d.log (2.8 MB)

Been having constant connection issues as per the title. Didn’t have these issues in the Chaos Wastes preview/early access build and didn’t have these issues in any patch before Chaos Wastes’ release. Only affecting me in Vermintide, haven’t had connection problems in any other game or platform.

I have more console logs I can provide but they’re too large for the upload limit on the forum.

I think it’s just from the influx of new players with the new update and free weekend.

maybe? it happens to me regardless of host and sometimes even happens in keep.

Was this worse within the last 12ish hours? As both Steam, and our backend, have experienced some disruption.

it’s been constant ever since the 20th :^(

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