Constant Connection Errors - Game crashes or gives only a Quit option

For the last 2 days, everytime I’ve logged into Vermintide 2 and tried to join a game or host one I have had either Steam suddenly disconnect or had the same Backend/Connection errors which result in either a crash or give me only the option to quit the game.

Restarting the game or Steam hasn’t worked as a fix, neither has resetting my router or Wifi adapter/software. Everything that needs to be up to date on my PC is as far as I’m aware. I do have a few sanctioned mods enabled but they have been on for weeks now without any issue.

Any ideas on troubleshooting would be appreciated.

Below is the latest crash ID and log:

GUID: 40571acf-80e7-45dd-972d-3eff531054c4
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ll assume this isn’t the case as it’s been occurring for a couple of days now, but Steam was having a lot of problems yesterday which led to various connectivity issues in Vermintide 2. To allow us to confirm that this wasn’t the culprit, would you mind logging back in and letting me know if this is still an issue for you?

Yeah I saw about the Steam issue yesterday; I have just checked again this evening by logging in and I was quickly given the same ‘cannot connect to servers’ and ‘sign-in timeout’ messages again which prompted the quit game option as before.

I’m not sure if it’s related but for a few weeks now everytime I quit Vermintide 2 I have a crash reporter come up once I reach the desktop even though the game didn’t crash. I have asked some friends and 1 of them confirmed they also have this issue.

Overall it appears as if the game is actively kicking me off Steam or disabling the connection to Steam when I’m in the lobby area (Taals Keep), as I haven’t experienced an issue with other games that require a live connection.

Any ideas?

The crash upon exit is a known (but unrelated) issue, and will be addressed soon.

Could you try running through the solutions listed here, please? The part about Firewall exceptions is especially important - it may even be worth briefly disabling any security software to see if the issues persist. (Proceed with caution and be sure to re-enable it afterwards!)

Ok no worries.

I ran through the solutions and it seems to have worked for the most part. Verifying steam files showed up no issues, I reset my router again and added direct exceptions for the game in my PC’s antimalware software. I also tried the DNS flush.

I did occasionally get a connection issue/drop but I was able to play the game normally for the most part. Thanks for the help, if the issue comes back or gets worse I’ll get back in contact.

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