Disconnect Bug- Vermintide 2

I just downloaded the game and its impossible to play, like i start the game and around 2 to 5 minutes later i got disconnected, i have already activated the low internet pack option, and it still keep going, its unplayable

Are you crashing? Does it give you a GUID code? Can you post your crash log and console log?

You can find them here,

C:\Users\PCNAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\

Are you using mods?

As you can see i Just started the campaign, and got disconnected

Dude, we can’t help you without information.

Answering this stuff will be a good start. You know when you started creating this thread, and it had a template for you to fill out? That would have been helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

No im not using any mods and i already posted the crash log

You didn’t though, you showed a pic of an error message.

By the way, after you click OK on that message, when it closes to desktop, do you get any other pop up messages?

A crash log would really help :slight_smile:

%APPDATA%\Fatshark (you can copy this to the explorer) and then the Vermintide 2 folder

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