Discconet from steam: and then the entire interent

Hi again
I am experincing crashes with my game when trying to run it

Not immeditate crashes, just the connection gives out on steam, and then the interent dies.
it comes back on within two minutes
have reported this before, just its come back.

has there been any findings on what has been causing this issiue?

Kind regardsconsole-2018-12-18-01.20.48-2347F5F9-05B9-4A80-91A7-E713.log (128.1 KB)
console-2018-12-18-00.39.52-D026544B-5DF9-4F0C-956E-84C7.log (981.5 KB)

Killerz, I apologise profusely, I think I messed up when I replied to your last post:

I think I replied to the wrong post, if I’m completely honest. Must’ve been a long day. :frowning:

This sounds like more of a local issue, but we’ll do our best to work out what could be causing this.

Am I correct in saying this only occurs when you play Vermintide 2?

Apologies again for my mistake and any inconvenience caused.

Thats noproblem, ive seen alot of tech issiues (some local, others game related) on the fourms, so i get it :slight_smile:

No need to apolgise

But yeh, ive played online today, no crashes (7 maps in a row all online)
It seems to happen about 50/70% of the time when me or my partner host a game (she lives with me) so the computers are only 15 feet apart.
I did try and read the logs, i did see some problems with authentification, but im more of a hardware guy, and have little idea what the logs mean

It is isolated to Vermintide, as battlefield, total war, killing floor 2, all have never crashed on me (bar an issiue with drivers)

So can you help me translate what the logs state? :stuck_out_tongue: as i know if i can find the cause with your help it is fixable! its just randomly happening.

almost 1k hours in game, so its now a labour of love!

Hi again

Ive narrowed it down to vermintide and playing with my partner (with bots or with other people) Tried resseting router, tried reinstalling EAC, reintalled v2, and played again with other players and it was fine. Tried reading the crash logs but could not find anything.

So its only when i play with my partner (due to us sharing same connection) but it works when we play kf2 online. So i know im missing something. Have you had any luck transcribing the error logs?

Kind regards

That’s interesting. Does the internet dropout affect only your PC or does it apply to all PCs and devices connected to the router? As in, does your partner lose their internet connection too?

Hi again

Yes all devices, computers, mobiles all disconnects, funny you should mention it, its just happened 10 seconds ago, it just disconnects, and comes back as if nothing happened. Ive done everything i can possablily think to resolve the issiue, anything in teh logs which suggest anything to try?

Our Network Engineer did have a look at the logs but there wasn’t much to see I’m afraid! Considering all devices connected to the router disconnect, this points to an issue with your router. It sounds like your router is crashing and subsequently rebooting itself, which would explain the situation. It’s not entirely clear as to why this only happens when you and your partner play Vermintide 2 - it sounds like your router perhaps isn’t handling the Traffic as it should be. Other than perhaps trying another router, we might be out of recommendations. :frowning:

damn it! well at least it gives me something to look at. currently upgrading firmware for the router, makeing sure the DNS refreshes every 24 hours as opposed to every 2, changing cables etc. If the problem resolves i will let you know or someone else on the fourms (depending if u or a colluege is around!) Thank you for having a look for me, i’ll get my brain looking into it!

Please do keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Best of luck and Happy Holidays!

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