Launching Vermintide Constantly Crashes Internet

Whenever I launch Vermintide 2, at some point in the loading screen it will disconnect my internet entirely from my PC only, other computers and devices on the network are completely unaffected.

Usually this results in a ‘Connection timeout’ message when I make it into the game.

Occasionally I am able to make it into the game without encountering an error message, the internet still disconnects but managed to reconnect after a few minutes whhilst I am in the lobby of the keep.

I am able to then try to join a game, most of the time I will be met with the message at the bottom of the screen saying it is attempting to connect to host, after which it will timeout and I will return to the keep, as well as disconnecting the internet again at this point in time.

Occasionally I make it into a game, which at first sometimes seems stable, but then I am met with intermitent huge lag spikes where everyone is running on the spot, sometimes the lag will go down to a normal level (40 ping) but other times it will spike, subsequently disconnect me from the game, and disconnect my internet connection yet again.

I have played mutiple other online games though both steam and other platforms but have never encountered this issue before.

I managed to play without any of these issues beforehand but at some point in the past weeks I have been ecountering this error, essentially rendering it impossible for me to play.

I know I’ve seen this same issue before and have tried various troubleshooting options listed there but nothing has seemed to work thus far.

If you are able to offer any advice on what the issue may be it would be greatly appreciated!

The Connection Timeout error is almost always ISP or router-related, and in this situation it sounds like Vermintide 2 is perhaps highlighting a router instability.

Are you able to, or have you tried hooking your PC up to a mobile data connection to see if the errors persist?

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