Chaos Wastes frequent crashing on xbox

Several of us have been playing Chaos Wastes weekly since its release on xbox and there has always been an issue of the host crashing. It used to be rare - like 1 out of 20 runs, but lately it is FREQUENT. Like 1 out of 5. We don’t get any error - the host just crashes to dash. We have had this happen regardless of who is the host(all hosts using xbox series X and all making sure to not “insta-resume”).

Also, there is an issue where a player will get disconnected and it will say “lost connection to xbox live”, but this is not true. The player is still connected to xbox live perfectly. They can instantly log back in to vermintide and reconnect to the chaos wastes expedition.

I see that this post was moved to “technical support”, but this issue is NOT due to any of our installations or setup. This is due to server-side code. I am a 46yr old programmer. I submitted this under “bugs” because there is obviously a server side bug in the console version(or both pc/console) of Chaos Wastes. Love this game, but the crashing is for real…

Hi Mctoozle, we move any posts of this nature to Technical Support, even if the issue is on our end!

I understand the host is crashing regularly for you, and in addition you are experiencing regular disconnects that reference being disconnected from Xbox Live despite still being connected.

Do you usually play with the same people? If so, would you be able to PM me their GamerTags? That way, I can attempt to look up the errors and crashes. Thank you!

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