Lots of game crashes in chaos wastes

we played an entire expedition today with no problems at all, but on our second run we experienced 6 game crashes of the hosting player (back and forth) - with host migration afterwards (replaying the level). Every crash happend a while after a trial was completed.

Here is a VOD with timestamps of the last 3 crashes. At this point the game already crashed 3 times in the first map you see in the stream (2 times at the end arena, 1 time right after the trial).

Crash 4: Twitch (during Trial fight)
Crash 5: Twitch (Trial was at 39:04, but is was near a monster spawn point)
Crash 6: Twitch (when the grudged monster was about to spawn)

Unfortunately i haven’t saved the crash reports, but i thought maybe a video is helpful for you to figure out whats wrong. Such crashes happen a lot lately :frowning:

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Attach the session console log files found at %AppData%\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs. Locate the log files that correspond with the particular sessions in which the crashes occurred (dates and times [in GMT] are in the filenames).

also had 2 crashes, in chaos wastes mode, as a host yesterday (20.11.21), game had been running stable for me, so im wondering if there was a small patch that broke something, or maybe mods that got unsanctioned randomly :thinking:

Ah thanks - good hint:
Crash 1,3,5: console_logs.zip (1.3 MB) ← My friends logs
Crash 2,4,6: console_logs.zip (1.4 MB) ← My logs

Crash 1 (not in the video): occured during the end event
Crash 2 (not in the video): occured in the second that we took our trial rewards
Crash 3 (not in the video): occured during the end event again

There is indeed an nil-value error in 5 out of the 6 crash logs (in all but the last):

[...] attempt to get length of local 'server_buff_ids' (a nil value)<</Script Error>>

You can see it in the first clip, when the game tries to calculate the damage of the grenade the outcast engineer threw at the troll. In the log file you can see that the game tries to calculate the AOE damage for that grenade and failed because of the error above. Maybe it is tied to some outcast engineer boon? It was the second time we had a outcast engineer in our party (first time crashed as well).

In the last log there seems to be a memory access violation error - it tried to access an adress with lots of 'F’s (the last crash in the video):

21:56:33.691 <<Crash>>Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 3caf390912f2
    accessing address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF from 00007FF99E945298<</Crash>>

I hope that helps

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Thanks for the report!

In the logs I can see a common occurence of

..._extensions/default_player_unit/buffs/buff_templates.lua:3228: attempt to get length of local 'server_buff_ids' (a nil value)<</Script Error>>

This is a known issue and will be remedied in our next hotfix.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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