Strange type of crash and post crash game behavior

So me and my friends were playing the new chaos wastes content, but then the host had a minor steam hiccup, meaning his profile blinked offline and then online again, quick enough to not even drop the connection since he was the host NOR cause connection time out warnings.

However one of the clients dropped, the game just crashed, then a second client crash, then my game also crashed, and then we coudn’t join the previous host, woudn’t even have a ‘joining game’ system report, it was just not even attempting to join at all.
No idea what caused it no crash report after, it was just sudden to the desktop
The host obviously died since he was alone with bots in the middle of the heat and his post game screen had the warning “broken connection” wich may or may not help you guys.

Btw we were not in the actual new level we were on the level prior to it, if that helps or not.

Oh no! Thank you for letting us know. If you could please upload the associated console log(s), that would be super:

Oh damn, its been so long a new bath of crashlogs have appeared on top of it.

Believe it to be this one, because the date of the post though there are 3 entries there.
Yeah, i play this game a lot.

BTW this folder is 6 GB can i delete this? theres a huge log of crashes dating back to 2020.

Thank you. Yes, you can delete everything in there!

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