CTD in Chaos Wastes

I’ve been having intermittent CTD’s with no crash/error message. This particular crash happened as I was loading into a Chaos Wastes map as host.

The console log is >7 MB so I zipped it to be able to upload it here.
console-2021-06-09-07.38.30-4d96cc04-db63-409b-9705-bbfd13f03e77.rar (161.8 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-09-07.38.30-4d96cc04-db63-409b-9705-bbfd13f03e77.dmp (607.6 KB)

We’re actively investigating this crash, apologies for the inconvenience.

You guys have any info on a crash where a client disconnects fairly randomly from the hosts and gets tossed into “host migration” to “insert fairly long line of numbers” but the host&other clients can keep playing just fine?

Ping meter reads just fine and there is no lag while playing but it still just randomly DC´s and game tries to migrate you over to this nonexistent numbers host.

You can even rejoin if you just cancel the host migration and find the host lobby via the browser if you are quick enough. I’ve had it happen it a few of times but i forgot to log it .c

Thank you for the quick reply and apologies if this has been reported before. I’m not great at parsing those logs.

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