Hosting problems (yes again^^)

Hello there!

I’m having issues when i host games, during almost one year i could do it without a problem, but since few month (3/4 i would say) client always DC…
It happen each time during a horde, players start to freeze few sec then they all DC (they having that famous “couldn’t resolve” something) new players are allowed to come back after that but it sometiimes happen 2/3 time in one game, annoying…
I tried to verify files integrity, to reinstall, to enable small packet network, to lower my settings, the problem still there, any idea someone?

Could you please let me know what your connection’s upload speed is? :slight_smile:

You can check your download/upload speeds using a website such as Speedtest.

Additionally - are you using any mods, in particular the Player List Plus mod?

Thanks for that fast answer!

My connection is indeed a bit weak, i live in a lost place (6.54mps download 0.8 upload) but it’s generaly not a problem (i noticed few lags drop who weren’t there before but it happen for like 5 seconds, may be on my side)

I’m using all approved mods including that “player list plus”, i desactivated it and i could do 3 games without a single client DC, fixed for me, clap!

Thanks again, gl for next, your game rocks!

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Super! The Player List Plus mod when used in combination with the ‘Small Network Packets’ option can produce some bizarre issues. :slight_smile:

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