Hosting games issues

Hi, i am facing network issues when i host games and people keep disconnecting in the middle of the match, we start the match normally but when ever there is a bunch of enemies spawning my randoms teammates their ping start going up to red and they start having lag issues then after a couple of seconds they all DC… i have seen a lot of people having this problem aswell, also i have tried a lot of solutions like enabling small packet changing my upload settings & verifying my game files, but they all didn’t solve anything, so is there any actual solution for this ?

What is your upload speed, @Glordium? You can use a website such as

2021-04-06 01_06_16-Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test and 1 more page - Personal

Your upload speed is very low, at least 1Mbps would be required to host smoothly. Are your speeds limited by your set-up (are you using a mobile connection, etc.) or the region you live in (do you live in an area with poor reception)? I think you’re well within your rights to complain to your ISP otherwise.

Oh so the game requiers more upload speed so i can host games ? also my country limited the upload speed to 1mbps i usually play other games fine even with low upload speed…
anyways since now i know that i am not able to host games with this upload speed, you guys have any plans to make dedicated servers for this game ?

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