People crash when i'm hosting

This is my fully functionnal ADSL internet :upside_down_face:
this is my internet

Since engi update, while i’m hosting people getting desynch and disconnected from my games, for my last game i’ve been with 3 different teams.
I usualy avoid hosting myself, i play on private when i need certains maps, some of my friends with same internet have the same problem and we cannot play together which was possible 5 months ago.

console logs : (483.9 KB)

You could ZIP them. It’s just text files after all, compressing those should reduce the file size drastically.


Yeah i forgot about that. thanks

Hey @Anoth,

Your upload speed appears to be quite low. Hosting with low upload speed can be problematic,

Could you try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option in Vermintide 2’s ‘Network’ panel.

If your ISP could boost your upload speed that would be most ideal.

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Hi, i already tried the network option and no i cannot boost my upload speed unfortunatly.

There is nothing to do on my side.


I know of your struggle. My best option is the up to** 24Mbps down and up to** 1Mbps up but I usually lock around these numbers and I have the exact same problem. I host and either on first horde or a tad later everyone flies away.

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