People suddenly disconnect from my games

I didn’t have any issues before but now (for a week or maybe around 10 days) people keep getting disconnected from my games for no apparent reason after a few minutes .
So i’m left alone with Bots untill other players replace them and eventually get disconnected too. And it happens everytimes.
Console Log: console-2021-03-22-22.00.26-d7bc390d-375f-4799-b810-77cd4118f89a.log (765.2 KB)
console-2021-03-22-21.25.11-50d54982-0b2a-435b-97f3-2c170a6dac21.log (651.1 KB)
Region: France
DL region: France

Could you let me know what your connection’s upload speed is please @Jaywu? You could try using a website like

Ping 35ms
Download 8.62mbps
Upload 0.43mbps

Well it seems pretty low. Called my internet provider , they will come home tomorrow :smiley:

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Yes, your upload speed is very low. In the mean time you could try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option in Vermintide 2’s ‘Network’ panel. But it would be infinitely better if your ISP could boost your upload speed somehow. :slight_smile:


1mb upload speed is the minimum you need for online games but having higher than 1mb is ideal for smoother gameplay for you and the people in your lobby. Try to see if you can get it boosted to 3mb upload speed.

I had internet like yours and had to upgrade it and it did make a huge difference. This is what I have right now and for the most part it’s been pretty sufficient.

Yes , i can’t remember about upload speed but when i made a speedtest a month ago i had around 20mb download speed wich is more than double of now.
Like i said i didn’t have any issues hosting a game before. It seems my internet speed simply dropped down for some reason. Hopefully they’ll fix it tomorrow.
Anyways thanks to both of you for your answers ! :slight_smile:

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I hoped you get it worked out! you might need to get your router replaced. they don’t last long.

Yay fixed ! A cable was broken in phone plug.


That is perfect! looking good :heart:

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