Connectivity on Playstation

I’ve done a search about this problem and found a number of people have had this issue but no solution seems to have been found or posted.

People who join my games leave the game within a minute and I can’t seem to join others games. (Only done once before)
I’ve been through all the possible solutions posted like allowing UPnP.
(Which was a pain and there was nothing wrong with my settings)

I just don’t understand why only Vermintide 2 seem to have this issue while all other online games work great. I’ve only just started the game and enjoy it but so far have been playing solo only apart from the 1st mission where I managed to join someone.

Currently playing on the PlayStation 5
Would like to get it sorted so I can enjoy the game more.

Sorry to hear this. Would you be able to check your connection’s upload speed using a website such as, and let me know what it is please?

My upload speed is 6.21mbps

Perfect, no problems there. Are you able to connect your PlauStation to a mobile data hotspot, purely to see if the issue persists whilst connected to another network? I ask as this can help in isolating the issue, but I appreciate it isn’t always an option.

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