PS4 connectivity issues

My game cannot connect to the internet. It gives me different errors every time, but my internet connection is solid. All other games work with no problems and low ping, and I am in a party with voice chat with my friends, so I know my internet is not the problem. The PS4 is new, and everything works fine. Can I get help please?

These are all the things I have tried and did not work:

  • Restart router and PS4
  • Totally re-initialized the PS4 and downloaded the game again
  • Tried both ethernet connection and wifi, as well as a hotspot from my phone
  • Switch between NAT 2 and 3
  • Enabled and disabled upnp

Sometimes it let’s me play for a bit and then the error interrupts it and logs me out, sometimes I cannot even start. The errors vary from “unable to connect to ps network lobby” “lost connection to host”, “cannot connect to the servers”, but the result is always the same.

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Apologies for the delayed response. It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of what we would recommend already.

Switch back to NAT Type 2, if NAT Type 3 is currently active.

Did the same errors occur whilst connected to your mobile data hotspot?

Yes, at the moment I am with Nat 2. The same problems persisted with all possibilities. But since today I can play without dropping. There is still a problem though, even if I can play, I have tremendous lag which makes it practically impossible (online when in a mission with other players, if I am by myself everything works fine).

Actually, scratch that. I cannot even play on my own, there is so much input lag. I have checked to see if they were the controllers but they are just fine, All works still when I am out of a game, but as soon as I enter one the game becomes unplayable due to lag.

Can someone please help?! I have paid money for this game and it is absolutely unplayable! it has been a week now since my post.

I understand - I’ve raised this with our Console Developers and hope to have some advice for you soon.

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Any response on this? After two weeks of no help, I rather just have a refund if that is possible.

Sorry @ericruiz90, I’ve yet to hear back. I appreciate not wanting to wait any longer. Should you wish to opt for a refund, please explain your situation to PlayStation Support who’ll be able to process that for you.

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