Playstation 4 Connection Issue

I bought this game yesterday and am quite unhappy. I used to play on PC and never had these issues. Last night I tried playing but kept receiving the message that I can’t create a lobby and was simply told to try again later. After restarting my game, my console, and confirming my internet connection and settings were fine I gave up. Now today I was happy to load into the game. I started a mission and within five minutes I lost connection to the current mission. I tried repeatedly to join different people and host myself but can’t play for more than five minutes without disconnecting.

I bought this game and two dlcs packs. I’m so angry that I wasted my money. Unfortunately I bought it on Playstation store so I can’t get a refund. Please fix the game.

I completely understand.

Our Console Developers are aware of the connectivity issues being reported, and are working on a patch.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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