High ping - intermittent

hi, i’m getting unplayable ping ( 350-400) in game but only in vermintide 2 when i join lobby and other people are getting same pings if i host but problem is that it’s not all the time ( i already set my upload in game to max value so it’s not that) , other games my ping is fine and that leads me to believe that it’s not my connection. i noticed that everything is fine if there are only 3 ppl in lobby but as soon as 4th person joins then problem starts
i have 100mb+ dowload and 10mb+ upload but i noticed that when i run speedtest during game (in active 4 man lobby) i’m getting 4mb dl and 4mb up
once again in other games i don’t have any problems with ping and problems started only recently ( after no lobbies bug was fixed )
if needed i will upload dxdiag and other stuff im asked for but i believe that problem is not on my side

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Are you using the play list plus mod with smaller network packets turned on?

I would also be keen to know whether you use the ‘Player List Plus’ mod. :slight_smile:

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