1-2 second delay while playing

Whenever I host a game, everyone in my party has a 1-2 second delay, no matter their ping; for example, a chaos warrior’s attack animation won’t even be 1/3 finished, but they already took damage from it. I know it’s me, because only I have that same problem when I join someone else’s game. It suddenly started happening two days ago - I have not changed anything regarding network, and I haven’t even restarted my computer before and after it started happening the first time.

This is likely not the game’s fault and you need to check your internet/network.
Do some online ping tests, and check other P2P online games.
I’ve had issues like this (completely unplayable on my side and can’t host due to massive delays) several times and it was always on my end. Usually the reason was my internet provider or router, and it wasn’t even noticeable while using the web normally. Vermintide 2 just really makes you feel any slight networking problems because it sends so much information around.

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As mentioned above, this is most likely network related. We see this issue most with players that have an upload speed of less than 1Mbps, but historically the “Player List Plus” mod has been known to result in similar issues.

Other than exploring what could be causing this recent instability in your connection, you may benefit from enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel. Although, please keep in mind that this option cannot be used in combination with the ‘Player List Plus’ mod.

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