Problems Hosting after 2.0

Before 2.0, I could host no problem. Now, whenever I host, players who join me are reporting bad, intermittent “lag” spikes. To me, they appear to run in place for approximately 5 seconds and then will be back. These small hangups happen constantly through a map, or sometimes for a few times and then resolve themselves. At times, everyone on my game will get disconnected at the same time. Any tips on what to try? (Nothing has changed except downloading the update - ISP, router, settings, etc are all unchanged)

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I’ve been having the same problems. Also had problem where a friend hosting willl start a quickplay but i get disconnected and he is joined to an active game.

Firstly, could you please let me know what your connection’s upload and download speeds are please?

Secondly, are you playing with any mods - in particular the Player List Plus mod?

Download: 200-350 Mbps depending on speedtest site used

Upload: 30-32 Mbps fairly consistently from speedtest site to site.

I am playing with mods but not player list plus. Mods installed, if it matters, are:

  • Mod framework
  • weapon kill counter
  • skip intro
  • stickygrim
  • penlight lib
  • scoreboard tweaks
  • my hero
  • numeric ui
  • ui improv
  • reroll impov
  • bot improv
  • host solo QP
  • countries in browser
  • simple ui
  • chat block

I’ve also had these issues recently, but not always.

100 Mbps download
10 Mbps upload

There are some mods that are outdated so I’m not using(they’re not on this list), but I’ve been using the following mods for months:

  • Vermintide Mod Framework
  • Penlight Lua Libraries
  • Skip Intro
  • Simple UI
  • Scoreboard Tweaks
  • Numeric UI
  • Mission Timer
  • Reroll Improvements
  • Armory
  • Beastiary
  • Loadout Manager
  • Friendly Fire Indicator
  • Player List Plus
  • Parry Indicator
  • Bot Improvements - Combat
  • Boss Kill TImer
  • Killfeed Tweaks
  • UI Improvements
  • Chat Block

Yeah it’s strange for me because it’s intermittent. I didn’t have any problems before. Now, I do sometimes. But sometimes I don’t…

Out of curiosity could you try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel, to see if there’s an improvement? Whilst you’re in there, do make sure your ‘Max Upload Speed’ represents your actual upload speed. :slight_smile:

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