Problems hosting games - driving me nuts

I’ve been plagued recently with problems hosting games. Before today whenever I hosted a game at a random time during the match all clients/players would disconnect leaving me with bots. Players can reconnect but obviously this was annoying. Since the most recent patch I’ve had a message saying files are corrupt. Both today after previous hosting issues I’ve verified my files via steam and nothing showed up as a problem (All files validated/nothing downloaded). After crashing today (corrupt file the game stated) I removed all mods, started the game then redownloaded only the mods I really want:

Vermintide Mod Framework
Skip Intro
Simple UI
Loadout Manager
Chat Block
Numeric UI
Host your own game

I even re-verified after running the game (after mod installation).

Just hosted a QP game (Blood of Darkness) and right at the end the game crashed straight to desktop with no error.

Now, I know your going to tell me “Try disabling your mods entirely” and yes I’m about to go do exactly that BUT I ran these mods for 6 months+ with no issues? At the very least if it was a mod causing this crash I would have thought a warning would have been given by now but nothing is mentioned in any of the above mods comments.
Please find attached a copy of my crash dump from the last straight to desktop crash.

crash_dump-2021-02-17-18.16.56-7f705e22-f4ee-4bdc-ba2e-da5a172efa81.dmp (717.3 KB)

If someone could please tell me if any of these mods are known to cause issues / I should stop using them.

Obviously, if I’m not hosting I have no issues at all.

I know this isn’t much to go on and this may come across as a little “ranty” but this has really annoyed the hell out of me and I had to at least try and report it. I’ll update this ticket once I’ve disabled/reverified files and tried hosting again.


Ok so since there’s no way of hosting a game without vermintide mod framework & host your own game I did that and the same disconnect of all clients / players happened.

I guess i could play without any mods for a while, see which games i host and see if it still happens… but that’s just annoying.

Going to re-enable the above mods mentioned in original post and just hope that this is something that get’s resolved… really sad, ruining my favourite game and seemingly no way to properly bug report it… if anyone’s got any suggestions as to how to get more info on this please let me know.

Could you check your upload speed on a website such as and report back to me please?

My upload is 1mb, I’ve been able to host no problem until around 1-2 months ago.

Try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel and see if there’s any improvement!

Note: Don’t use this in combination with the ‘Player List Plus’ mod.

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I enabled “Small network packets” and also increased bandwidth to 1mb from 512kb, just had my first hosted game without disconnects. Shall keep you posted but that does seem to have done the trick. Many thanks.

Nope spoke too soon - just happened again :frowning:

I’ve had the same issue ever since the Outcast Engineer update. Whenever I host and there are 3 other players in the group, it’s almost a certainty that at some point during the mission there is a lag spike that will cause all 3 to disconnect. However, if I am hosting less than 3 players, this almost never happens.

I’ve tried to host without any mods, but that didn’t help. I’ve tried disabling only the ‘Player List Plus’ mod, but no change. ‘Small Network Packets’ has been enabled the whole time. Changing my bandwith doesn’t seem to do the trick either. I just had 3 players disconnect on my latest hosted game before I came here to write this. One of the players rejoined, I put the game on private, and we finished the mission without issues.

My upload speed is also 1 Mbps.

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