Constant errors, host disconnects

I’ve been an active and passionate member of vermintide ever since vt1 came out. I’ve loved the visceral nature of the game, how every virtual inch and angle of a swing makes such a difference between life or death in this game. i love it to bits.

lately however my passion for the game has been sagging not because of the community or gameplay, but because, every night, i get home after work, eager to jump into the mindless slaughter of ratties, only to have constant game crashes due to SERVER ERRORs messages popping up in the screen (if i ignore it, i still see people moving about, chatting, i saw someone even type that he had that error and we wished him goodbye before he clicked the button to crash to desktop)

at other times, i join quickplay games, happily going about the mission for a good 20 minutes, and the host leaves for whatever reason. I’m quite tolerant of this happening, but if I get to play 20 games a day, and 10 of these quickplay games have the host leaving at the end… coupled with the frequent server errors, it’s just so much wasted time, and this wears me down a lot.

i only started to notice this errors happening about during the time that the bounty boards came out in vt1. i remember that they had none of these server_error issues up till a certain patch, then it just became unstable, and these changes seem to have been brought over into vt2.

it’s incredibly hard for the developers to debug this as it happens randomly (even while afking in the keep i sometimes get a server_error) but due to the design of the maps and the peer2peer system, games cannot continue off from where the host left or disconnected from.

if, to me, an extremely passionate hardcore fan of vermintide, am feeling these tremendous negative withdrawals from these error crashes, i think that other less motivated players would have pulled out from the game a long time ago.

I really hope this isn’t the case though, because I do love the vermintide community and want to see it grow and thrive, and not experience player churn from the frequent game crashes and host disconnects like these.

tldr: please fix the network_error crashes and look into saving the progress of the map somehow!