* FIX* Constant Disconnecting/Cant Connect to Host

After a few months of my game randomly disconnecting from hosts/dropping my team when I am the host, I think I have figured out the problem.

My Wifi and Ethernet card Properties settings under “Configure/Power Settings” both had a setting turned on that said ‘allow computer to disable this device to conserve power’

Really surprised this wasn’t something mentioned in the Fatshark internet issues troubleshooting guide.

I hope this helps someone!

Here is a video that explains in depth how to change this setting. internet dropping out solved!! issue with online gaming? - YouTube

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Hi @Jadjad91,

That’s interesting to see. Thank you for sharing!

I’ve made an update to our FAQ article - hopefully this can help others in future too :grin:

I thought this might finally fix the issue of the whole team disconnecting randomly whenever I host, but no such luck. After following the instructions in the video and testing the game as a host, the rest of the QP team still got booted at a random moment. I haven’t been able to host games in Vermintide 2 since the Outcast Engineer update. All the usual suggestions, like changing the max upload speed and enabling small network packets, do nothing. I can’t see how my connection speed can be the culprit, either, since I was able to host games with zero problems before November 2020, with the exact same ISP and bandwidth that I currently have.

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