Is something wrong with the network?

Playing on 150 ping used to be fine. Playing on 400 across the seas was delay worthy and annoying… but lately 150 ping might as well be 400. Anyone else having this?
I play with mates around the world all the time. Now though, Playing in EU / UK / USA all have the same insane latency/delays/ball spawning lunacy.

Please see the pinned post: About the Vermintide 2 - Bugs Category to see what information to include in your report.

Hmm, so we haven’t made any recent network changes.

These are our usual ‘go to’ suggestions for high ping/latency:

  • Ensure your ‘Download Region’ in the Steam client is set appropriately to a nearby location by:
  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Select ‘Steam’ in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Select ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Downloads’ within the sidebar
  5. Set your ‘Download Region’ to an appropriate nearby location and save the changes
  • Please check you have the latest updates to the Steam client installed.

  • Are you playing with mods enabled? If so, see if your issues persist with mods disabled.

  • Within the ‘Network’ panel, enable the ‘Small Network Packets’ option and see if there’s any improvement.

  • Within the ‘Network’ panel, ensure your ‘Max Upload Speed’ is set appropriately to reflect your actual upload speed

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