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As far as I know, Vermintide 2 uses a Peer2Peer network system to coordinate game network traffic. However, in my understanding from a logical point of view, there also has to be at least one centralized server (probably more), which might or might not be from Steam. Else we would have no Events and no MOD control, among other things, since said centralized server has to send the information to the game host’s computer to allow the host to set up the game correctly. Clearly, the game still requires a Steam connection, apart from someone’s machine “hosting” the actual game, so there could be issues with Steam servers themselves whenever network problems appear, something not everyone seems to realize.

strong textFirst part of questionsstrong text: Is that assumption true? If it isn’t, please explain how it works, if you have the time.

Apart from that, I, and also some of my friends, experience lag issues from time to time when hosting games. Our connection speeds are 100/100, 50/50 and 50/10 (download / upload), so there should be no issues there. Firewalls or NATs are apparently not the issue, either, we checked on those thoroughly. Antivirus might be, but I’m going to check that one separately still.

strong textSecond part of questionsstrong text are: Could lag issues be connected to said centralized servers as well, if those exist (logic says they do) and they are experiencing heavy traffic? Can they be related to Steam network issues, or would that be the same in this case?

If it’s not clear what I mean, tell me, and I’ll try to re-phrase it. I’m merely curious to know how it all works, since I am a bit fed up of people insulting me for having a bad connection while hosting (I am not downloading anything at the same time or messing with the network in any other way that I would know of), when this simply isn’t true.

I believe my colleague has handled your query via the Support Portal. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. :slight_smile:

Hey Julia,

Yes, he did, thank you guys very much. It’s indeed what I was looking for, and well explained.

I’d like to create a link to that topic in the connected forum, so others might about it as well:

Best Regards, and thanks again

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