Couldn't Resolve Host/other Connection Errors

I’ve tried almost all the relevant troubleshooting suggestions mentioned here but my internet keeps disconnecting for some reason.

After about 3 hours of googling and not finding a single solution that worked, I just plugged in my mobile’s internet to see if that would do the trick and that did fix the issue.

I’ve been on the same ISP and the same router since I last played around a year or two ago and I want to know if there’s anything I can do to fix this.

I’m only posting this here as my last resort :frowning:

console_logs.rar (638.8 KB)

Does your internet disconnect entirely (lose connection to everything) or do you only lose connection in Vermintide 2?

Entirely :frowning:

This is likely the result of excessive packet (data) loss. The lost packets attempt to resend, consequently clogging up the buffer - which can be described as a chunk of memory that stores packets in cases where the physical medium of the network interface cannot handle the volume data being received. The buffer overflow (also known as ‘buffer overrun’) then causes the internet to disconnect entirely.

This occurs as the result of an instability with the router or network. Unfortunately we’re not able to help with this from our end meaning you’ll need to contact your ISP. When contacting your ISP, please reference our server address which may help in identifying the underlying issue:

Thanks for helping Julia! I really appreciate it and just wanted to let you know that the issue seems to have subsided on it’s own.

I’m assuming the problem was installing Vermintide 2 on an external HDD.

What I did was unplug the HDD before shutting the PC down, plugged it in after booting it up and THEN started steam.

Sorry for the trouble! :heart:

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