"vermintide2_dx12.exe" unusual amount of network activity

whats going on here ? only this game causes that much network activity!
an explanation would be great !


Did this just start today or have always been like this?

Steam was causing me a lot of frustration earlier by constantly disconnecting me from Steam while playing Vermintide. After half an hour, it cleared up.

Steam apparently is not playing nice with Vermintide right now.

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im not sure, i just investigate few days ago and found this, i never watch into the resources monitor before…
the weird game behavior and the connection issues/crashes starts with the engineer update…
but im pretty sure this amount of network activity is far away from normal…
all oter games just have few entry’s iin the network activity!

sry4umgak ennglish :frowning:


Have queried this with development - will report back to you!


If I had to guess, it might be Steam related since the recent change of using their servers and matchmaking in game and the fact Steam has been having lots of hiccups recently.

Regardless, hope it gets solved.

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its vt2 only! all other p2p games on steam have a normal network activity…

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