Launcher seemingly causing constant game instability

I’ve been playing vermintide 2 for 700+ hours, love the game, however from the get go I’ve always experienced consistent crashing and instability, truth be told it’s a massive pain in the ass but still adore the game. Previously I’ve reverted or undone overclocking, reinstalled entirely, all sorts of settings tweaks and hardware checks etc trying to rule out any issues and nothing seems to have remedied the issues in the past. Just experienced 3 crashes sequentially which is more unusual, the event viewer log suggests that it’s related to the launcher which I don’t have the slightest clue how to remedy, I’ll post the 2 most recent console logs as well but I don’t understand the information in the logs at all myself. Hoping for some insight into this, it’s been a long term issue and I’ve just been pointed here by the lovely folks over at the VT2 modding community discord. Keep on slaying, rat bonkers!

console-2021-05-19-21.08.48-27d7e3bd-79b9-4dd2-aa91-f70ba0f46b06.log (565.0 KB)

I’ve passed this on to my colleagues to look in to. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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