Launcher suddenly crashes with no crash report

so i was playing and quit the the game by accident to join my friend, and now everytime i try to start vermintide 2 trough steam the laucher appears but i can’t clic anything , some exclamation noise is heard but no crash report and it closes.

i’ve tried; restarting steam, clearing steam cache, reinstalling the game, getting the fix for .net, installing the latest graphics drivers, veryfying integrity of game files, opting in the launcher bypass, nothing worked.

i have no clue what’s wrong , i was playing without issues litterally a minute before the crash started happening. i just quit the game while i was plaing chaos wastes and it dosen’t work anymore. i’ve had the game for a year , it has always worked fine .

please help

Sorry to hear this. Have you restarted your PC since?

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