Constant crashes that never happened before

Hello, just created this account to get some help because i’m out of options.
My game has been crashing randomly for about a month now, after a year of everyday gameplay with absolutely no issues.
What happens is: i join a game (i rarely host), play for a few minutes, then the game freezes and proceeds to CTD, with no crash log. What i don’t understand is why, for STEAM, the game is still running and the launcher and VM2 (dx) processes are active for a few minutes if i don’t terminate them with task manager.
The only thing that changed recently is win10 update.
PC specs:

CPU: i7-8700k (cooler: dark rock pro 4 + cryonaut paste)
GPU: GTX 1080ti (strix)
RAM: Corsair vengeance 32gb 3200MHz
MB: ROG maximus xi hero
Drive: Samsung 860 pro 500gb
Monitor: Asus pg279q

I had to recover the log manually from the appdata/roaming folder:
console-2021-04-19-17.30.03-4fd07758-ba97-4b4c-86b7-5bf3cbb943c4.log (2.4 MB)

I really want to resolve this problem as this has quickly become one of my favourite games, thanks in advance for any help.

PS: things i already tried: verify integrity of game files, full reinstall, DNS change (google->cloudflare), upload settings (my upload is way higher than the highest option in game).

Hi @krAzy

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with a crash.

Could you install our latest patch and see if the issue persists?

From your log I can see you’re running into a Deadlock crash, which are a little notorious.

I know you’ve tried a few solutions already, but if you still crash after the update, then I’d recommend running through all of the ‘go to’ solutions in this article:

Let me know how you get on.

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