Game crashing consistently

Hey guys!

I bought Vermintide 2 a few days ago, and as of today, I’ve been crashing nonstop. We’re talking every 10 minutes or so. I looked at my Speccy as I was playing, and to be fair, my CPU is getting pretty high, but other games have had the same temps with little to no crashing problem.

It’s upsetting, playing with friends and not being able to cause the game crashes too often :frowning:
I think I’ve uploaded the last 3 crash dumps to see if it helps

crash_dump-2019-08-19-18.10.22-728a47fb-5331-44f2-ad31-71bc47d26290.dmp (697.8 KB) crash_dump-2019-08-19-18.26.16-da41e318-dc18-469e-bbd6-56e1c44ab3f4.dmp (714.9 KB) crash_dump-2019-08-19-18.31.29-909e295a-d1a6-4515-80ee-98b4a1ea0684.dmp (694.7 KB)

Sorry to hear this. Could you upload some of your most recent console logs as well please?

Hey, thanks Julia, I appreciate the fast reply.

I’ll upload the last 3 console logs, the ones that surround the crashes.

console-2019-08-19-18.10.22-728a47fb-5331-44f2-ad31-71bc47d26290.log (429.9 KB) console-2019-08-19-18.26.16-da41e318-dc18-469e-bbd6-56e1c44ab3f4.log (247.3 KB) console-2019-08-19-18.31.29-909e295a-d1a6-4515-80ee-98b4a1ea0684.log (264.4 KB)


Could you try lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu down to 6, and see if there’s any improvement?

I’ve had no problems since reducing the worker thread. Thanks Julia!

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