Vermintide 2 chrashing randomly

For some time now vermintide has crashed from several times a day to not at all, i have followed Fatsharks guide on this matter and nothing have changed, as well as trying almost every other method out there.

installing new drivers, turning off firewall ( because why not), reinstalled the game mulltiple times.

GUID: f2987bf1-0b29-42f8-b38f-e15efc34c72f
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-01-13-18.14.59-d183d31b-234d-4666-a3a8-cb05dbd1f025.log (332.2 KB)

hopefully someone smarter than me can help me fix this issue!

Hi @benjiro,

Sorry to hear that.

It appears you ran into an Access Violation crash and I notice you have a Ryzen CPU. I recommend to try lowering your ‘Worker Threads’ count. Please check this article out:

Let me know how you get on.

thanks Lev, i will lower the worker threads to 6 and go from there, i’ll keep you updated!

okay so puting worker threads on 6 did not solve the issue, new chrash.

GUID: cac3449c-498a-4ce7-879f-dbb2305df8fa
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-01-14-15.11.18-6bf9b64d-7158-4e31-816c-77829e0b9da9.log (306.0 KB)

i have crash logs all the way back from november 29th if that could help in any way.

Ah okay :frowning: it seems you’re still running into an Access Violation crash.

Can you try switching from DX 11 to DX 12 and see if stability improves?

I also recommend running through our general ‘go to’ crash solutions here:

i was playing on DX 12 before the crashes started, but i can switch again, i’ll keep you updated.

still crashing sadly, switching back to direct x 12 didnt work, cant figure out whats causing it.

crash_dump-2022-01-16-22.50.13-56e29f17-9ca9-4b06-b11e-196728028abe.dmp (993.3 KB)

console-2022-01-16-22.50.13-56e29f17-9ca9-4b06-b11e-196728028abe.log (1.9 MB)

Hm, so your most recent log actually indicates a GPU-related crash this time.

I appreciate you have already tried a few of these, but it’s worth ensuring you’ve run through all of the potential solutions here:

Thats weird.
I will follow the guide and try from there, thanks for the help so far.
i’ll keep you updated.

okay so another crash, i have followed the steps and that didnt solve the issue,however are there any new background applications that are not listed that you know of?
Geforce experience has a game overlay for example.

GUID: 7980fb80-ed62-47a7-b843-5e9fe5bddb41
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-01-17-23.57.44-84b95417-5294-444a-bae8-221f99320aca.log (2.5 MB)
Uploading: crash_dump-2022-01-17-23.57.44-84b95417-5294-444a-bae8-221f99320aca.dmp…
Thanks for the help so far.

Edit: i also lowered my workers threads to 4 now.

The crash report shows another GPU-related crash :thinking:

When performing a Selective Startup did you disable all of your background applications? They’ll differ between individual setups, so you’ll want to try disabling all of your startup items and re-introducing them one-by-one.

Yes i did, and sadly another crash:

GUID: 3acf8cb0-8c89-4184-96de-b5c898e48f0e
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-01-18-12.52.10-b3712b8e-ce05-4685-a81c-df67c11583b8.log (1.0 MB)
crash_dump-2022-01-18-12.52.10-b3712b8e-ce05-4685-a81c-df67c11583b8.dmp (806.9 KB)

At this point i dont know what to do anymoreXD

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Being honest, as you’ve exhausted all of the ‘go to’ options I’m at a bit of a loss. I’m happy to contact Steam and request they process a refund for you - let me know if this is something you would wish to do.

No worries, I will continue to work on the issue, see and hope that something fixes it, you do not need to contact steam and ask for a refund either, i have already over 80 hours of playtime since it started crashing.
However can i still post and ask for potential help on this page? Maybe it will help someone out in the future.
Also is there a way for me to see what caused the crash?

Okay so while playing this time i got a bluescreen of death, not the first time specially not while playing vermintide, however this time it chrashed by driver dxgmm2.sys, and the other one ntoskrnl.exe.

The first one indicates it has something to do wih DirectX, the other one is a bit more complicated but to narrow it down: outdated drivers, faulty ram, ram storage, overclocking, system files corrupt.
All of the listed above i have already checked.

But the Dxgmm2.sys one is new for me, and will be the focus point going forward, but if someone knows more than me feel free to share your knowledge.

No problem! of course feel free to continue posting :slight_smile: hopefully a resolution can be found!

If you ran into a BSOD then it’s likely that the issue runs a little deeper.

You have a Ryzen CPU so it could be worth updating your BIOS. Please check out the April 2021 update in this article. Other potential solutions here may also be of help:

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