Access violation crash?

crash_dump-2021-04-08-20.05.08-bfb8112a-d874-4089-ba81-6d189cdbc3e0.dmp (695.5 KB)

Would anyone be able to tell me what is causing this crash?

Could you upload the corresponding console log also, please? :slight_smile:

console-2021-04-08-20.05.08-bfb8112a-d874-4089-ba81-6d189cdbc3e0.log (420.1 KB)

Thank you. If this is a common occurrence for you, I’d recommend lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count down to 6 within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu and see if that helps. For reasons still unknown to me, Vermintide 2 doesn’t always play well with a high Worker Thread count.

The sad part is, that I have lowered it to 6. Could lowering it further help?

Just noticed you have another post open in the ‘Technical Support’ category. Lev will continue the conversation with you there.

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