Crash to desktop without report

Never had such crashes before. Can you check this files please?
console-2021-05-12-21.11.19-6fdaa319-a810-4d09-a51c-959d7959570b.log (1.0 MB)
crash_dump-2021-05-12-21.11.19-6fdaa319-a810-4d09-a51c-959d7959570b.dmp (874.2 KB)
vermintide2_launcher.log (799.0 KB)

Unfortunately, the crashes you’re experiencing - which are called Access Violations - can occur for a number of reasons. Sadly I can’t determine the exact cause.

I have noticed that your CPU has a high Thread count, which can contribute to Access Violation crashes. So before anything, please navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu within the launcher and try lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count to 6.

If unsuccessful, we have a list of solutions based on what’s worked for other players in the past and can be seen in the article linked here: [PC] How to Resolve Most Crashes in Vermintide 2 – Fatshark

Please let me know if you need any help.

Thank you for reply. And this one completely different?

console-2021-05-22-17.21.07-680310b3-4051-4345-b6c9-2d55a03a3365.log (636.3 KB)
crash_dump-2021-05-22-17.21.07-680310b3-4051-4345-b6c9-2d55a03a3365.dmp (706.0 KB)
vermintide2_launcher.log (173.1 KB)

This one is code-related, it’s on us - I’ve added it to our database. Sorry about that!

Thank you once more =)

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