GUID: ae0fdc21-6369-4ffa-9621-1bce94df8892 Log File: Info Type: ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- [Crash Link]: crashify://ae0fdc21-6369-4ffa-9621-1bce94df8892

Hi, my game has been crashing constantly. I’m able to start a game but typically it’ll crash mid-game.

I’ve tried playing with no mods enabled, lowering my worker thread count to 6, re-installing my GPU drivers (using NVIDIA’s “clean installation” option").

GUID: ae0fdc21-6369-4ffa-9621-1bce94df8892
Log File:
Info Type:

I have my log file ready.

(it’s hosted on my google drive and can be viewed via browser)

Please assist, thank you!

I’ve dropped my worker thread count even further (to 2), verified the integrity of the installation files, repaired the anti-cheat.

Subsequently there were still crashes, crashes seem to occur on missions (Righteous Stand, Grains etc) and Chaos Waste maps.

No obvious cause for this unfortunately, like, no clues whatsoever! I can only recommend running through the remaining solutions here : [PC] How to Resolve Most Crashes in Vermintide 2 – Fatshark

Failing that, I’m happy to contact Steam and request that they issue you a refund.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll go through the list. Hopefully things will work, i’m really starting to enjoy this game =/

Hi Julia,

I have tried, played so many rounds, alternating with different settings and even killing as much redundant background processes as I could. The game is constantly crashing. The only common thing seems to be usually most of the crashes occur during fights. mmm

Just curious, you mentioned that is no obvious cause for this. So i presume is it a somewhat common issue that was previous encountered that couldn’t be resolved? Or is it just a generic crash?

Is it possible the crash reporting could retrieve more information about other settings, background processes etc, and some analysis could be done to find common settings/conditions among those with these issues? So it may be possible to identify some underlying causes?

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