make servers for america,europe and asia better!

i wish developers would make it server friendly for all countries to play with their europeans or american friends better without have to lag out. im in asia and it sucks that everytime i play with my friends from europe and america coz we always lag. some games dont have these sort of issues. hope you guys can improve the servers

What servers are you talking about? The Steam ones? I guess it’s better to notify them instead of FS?


You know its p2p game?

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i mean in game. idk if that has anything to do with steam though… i think its the game itself. cause’ when i play dow2 retribution we never lag with whoever with play with from overseas.

The thing is, vermintide 2 has much more info per ms being transmitted than an rts.

Being peer to peer means that you have to connect with the host wherever they may be, and as split second decisions are made that impact gameplay instantaneously it shows up in vt2 as ghost hits or whatever. 300 ping in an rts will never show up as nothing is that instantaneous.

This game does not use dedicated servers for really anything other than statistics and inventory tracking. There is also steam servers and friend list interactions but I’m simplifying this a bit to make it simpler to understand.

Hosting works with peer-to-peer(p2p) networking model where 1 player in your lobby is the server/host, so the only realistic way to make the experience “better” is to choose the player who is closest to all the participants in the lobby, while preferably also having the best computer and internet connection.

I’m also not sure how dow2 multiplayer works because I have never played the game but just the fact that it is an rts game like @Argonaut14 said above, means its more than likely just simply sending less information that needs to be up to date than something like vermintide.

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yeah u seem to know more abt how it works either way i wish they can make ths better for us. im running on cable and its still red wheni play with my european or american counter part

Yeah it seems like you could have client side hit detection for each player which would make things a lot better. Just make it so the game treats what the player sees as reality rather than use what the server sees.

Cheating might become easier though.

It’s just reality though. For example, Internet latency maps and weather reports you can find online report that the network latency between, say, Seoul and Frankfurt is 247ms, Seoul to Washington DC 191ms. That’s just the network, and it is already intolerable even if the game itself has no latency (which is untrue in reality).
Simply speaking, you cannot really play a fast-paced FPS game over the Internet - the distances are just too large compared to the speeds of our human perception. You can code all sorts of clever prediction and interpolation algorithms, but the truth will remain - it’ll be a desynced mess all the same because you can only do so much to smooth some of that out.

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