Game is great, but I am scared about the server situation.. all countries that are ignored lets unite!

Big fan of all similar games, spent 1000s of hours in v2

I 100% understand the use of dedicated severs, but Australia, Brazil, Africa are all left on the sidelines, I know the rest of NA and EU gonna have the time of there lives but unless a huge amount of people get behind requesting for severs, we just get forgotten… the game is definitely doable with 200 ping on Heresy (4) but 5… I donno its gonna be real tough

Please show support with this post so your fellow brothers in arms, believers in the emporer and all his might can give us all servers so we can all enjoy this experience that will be darktide

All the best brothers and sisters


not in a different country but i support the idea of being able to host your own servers


I am from EU but I fully support more servers. If you make “always online” co-op game: then take responsibility and make servers so people from different continents can have fun at good ping.


thanks for the support though its much appreciated

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If there’s no local servers in Aus, I’m out. 200+ ping is an exercise in frustration.


Before the free giveaway, I hosted because no AU games were popping up and ended up inflicting 200+ ping on 3 others. Still ended well luckily.


well china has by far the largest V2 playerbase so its highly likely that they gonna have a server closeby if not china itself most likely japan, S-korea or taiwan.

for Oceania, africa and south america its hard to tell what they gonna do,
but i would highly doubt they gonna launch a online demand game with 3 continents missing


In AU it’s been next to impossible to get a full Legend run in V2 for literal years at this point, and finding a Cata match is literally impossible.

Hopefully the devs handle things a little better this time around (the poor handling of the monetisation decimated the local playerbase here), but the server situation has me a bit preemptively bummed out. If I start getting more international runs than local ones, that’s me done.

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Was it any different in the beta? I’m from Aus and I had no ping issues whatsoever in the beta. Pretty sure I had well under 100 ping for the matches I played?

Yeah, it was pretty lag free for the beta. Whatever other issues we had it wasn’t the lag.

South Africa knows them feels. We could definitely use a Southern Africa server.
The beta was good fun but the ping was an issue no lies.


As a fellow South African, I really support this. The ping in the beta was managable, but with cloud servers being a thing these days, there is really no excuse for them not to have support for us.

Braai for the braai god
Wors for the wors throne!


I feel that a lot of games could use servers for ‘‘less populated’’ regions, there are people, we do need it.


Second this. I would be even happy if peer-to-peer hosting is an option like in Vermintide.



South African servers would be amazing, Really looking forward to the Game!!! Been a big fan of the Fatshark brand, but local servers would make a huge difference!


I wholeheartedly agree with OP, please make servers available for as large an audience as possible. South African servers would be :heart: :fire:!


REEEEAAAALLYYY looking forward to DT , 40K rocks !!!
please give p2p <3 <3 <3


Yeah, would be cool to have it either Peer-2-Peer or simply having more dedicated Servers around the globe specifically for S. Africa/Australia

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As a EU player, I think that people should be able to join a server with a decent ping no matter what country they are from. The more players there will be, the better.


Tis sad that in 2022 (almost 2023) we still have to maim, kill and burn to be seen on the global radar. We are more invisible than New Zealand is on the world map!

All the infrastructure already exists in Cape Town to be able to host servers easily. Please don’t overlook the African region.