Can we get a Ping meter?

Because joining a game and trying to guess what your ping is or will be when trying to jump for a grim/tome is annoying.

Having some host tell me how awesome he is with his 4th world internet is also great fun.
“I did it like 5 times!”

Yeah, you’re the host.


yea this game is brutal on anything above 100ms. even then, it starts to get irritating when you’re trying to min max against chaos warriors


Heh, I play Shade on over 300 ping (from bad connection in Oz to LA). Lots of random deaths and downs.


ouch, don’t u have guys there playing vermintide? i’m guessing it’s popular in aus as well

Oz has low population and bad internet. Good for enjoying the outdoors

No it would overwhelm new players with important information.

Seriously though. The amount of things FS decided to outsource to modders and data miners makes me question their ability as designers.