I want to know my ping

I really want to know my ping or choose the server with the less ping.

It’s really hard to play sometimes, because the game randomly decides to drop me in 400 ping game.

I find it rather hard to play as a melee focused class in any high ping game, enemies just hit you while standing 4 meters away from you, they also don’t care about you hitting them for half a second, and all the grabbers grab you without caring if you dodged or not.

Also, it’s a spectacle to witness the ping so horrible that all the enemies stand still or running throught the wall, while your teammates move normally, and after a couple of seconds you just die.

Just please, Fatshark, I want to choose the server or ping that works for me, or at least just check it while in game.


Check the workshop, there is a mod for this.

Oh, did you get early access for Darktide mods or something? Cause it sure isn’t publicly visible if that’s the case.

What? I am confused

I guess so, I downloaded a week ago from discord links and assumed that latest blog post meant the game workshop would have them.


They said that bundle, or some of it at least, will be available on Friday.

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It’s baffling why this was not included at launch.

Fps and ping need to be something we can track and toggle on and off in the in game menu.

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It makes the game look bad if you have written proof of network issues. I’m also pretty sure I got put into server outside of my continent back when I still played, and I’m guessing they didn’t want to deal with complaints about that either. And I’m sure it’s only getting worse with the player count plummeting.


pings, scores, loadouts, and team comp are all toxic now. get with the times.

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That’s way overthinking it.
Game was shipped with bare minimum of features, that’s it. Who thinks about adding a ping tracker, when there’s a miriad of other, bigger unsolved problems?

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