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My internet connection is not always the best and I tend to get a lot of lag spikes in online games, I would love it if we could get the numeric latency (ping) integrated on the hud in a corner somewhere out of the way so at a glance you can see if it shoots up.

I know some people may not want the added cludder on the screen so an option to toggle it on or off would be nice.

I guess this could also be considered a mods request as well as a suggestion for the devs.

Does anyone else wish this was a feature or have any ideas on how to improve on it, or have any suggestions for me to help with my lag spikes? fyi I know very little about computers.


I would suggest hosting games so the connection goes to you. You’ll lose the QP bonus unless you play during off hours but that might be worth the smoother game play. of course you’ll be screwing the players that join you unless they are near you lol. I also think (not 100% sure on this) but there is an approved mod that puts the ping on UI.

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I believe you can turn on ping in the settings so it can be viewed when you bring up the tab menu. It may not be exactly what you are after (as it is a button press away rather than being on screen) but I have found it useful.

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In the options menu under the tab “Network” or what it’s called, there’s an option called “Show numeric latency” or something, which is off by default. Switch it to on and it should show you your ping as a numeric value, when pressing tab.
As you said, not exactly what he wants, but still very useful.

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Thank you for your suggestions, I am aware of the ping in the tab menu but it does not display your ping all the time, only when you hold tab which can be inconvenient if your ping likes to jump around.

If you are not holding tab the only way to tell if your ping shot up is delayed hitmarkers / blocking which can cost you some health. My apologies for not being more clear in the original post.

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