Capping Ping

Using mods that show numeric latency, I can see that half the games that I join using quickplay are 170+ ping. Even with the fact that the number is higher than its ‘real’ ping, this number gives games a noticeable delay in feedback. A fair number of games I join are above 300 ping, and these games are guaranteed to cause deaths as enemies do not react to attacks before they are able to finish thiers and kill you. I find that the preferred ping with 0 noticeable delays is 120 and below.

Giving the player an optional setting that can cap pings whilst giving warning that this can reduce the number of joinable games through quickplay, can stop people from joining games where they will inevitably act as dead weight who cannot effectively defend themselves. Accounting for unstable but fast connections is not expected, but consistently slow connections to games should be avoided somehow.

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There’s a mod, Show countries in the lobby browser, or something along those lines. It actually let’s you set which countries you can get matched to by name. This can help cut down on lag a lot. Of course, if you live in a massive country like the USA, Russia, China or Canada, this won’t really help as you could be getting matched with someone 2+ time zones away :joy:

Also, in game under network settings you can set the range of your games to “medium”. I think it’s set to that by default, but I had to set it to far, then back to medium for it to work.

At the same time, a good player with a bad ping will do fine. I’ve cleared most of Cata games on 100+ ping, including a few yesterday with @OenKrad at 200+ ping. Yea, you’ll eat a few hits and learn that you can’t get away with certain things. Makes you play a lot more defensively, but it is doable.

Speak for yourself. My normal games are 100+ ping and bad ones get to 300+ (ty USian isp monopolies). My normal experience is your worst case. With the changes to dodge and running attacks I basically can’t QP anymore, I have to host every game, which doesn’t end well because it just pushed the ping problem to everyone else.

I agree with SmokerT69, I’ve been playing for over 3k hours with +200 ping. Just need a better response and anticipation of events. It’s a hell of a lot harder than a game with a good ping, but it’s possible.

btw, here’s the mod I was talking about,

You can at least make sure through the browser that the person is in the same country as you. The QP match maker can be a bit weird though… It will try and connect me to Americans sometimes even though I’m in Sweden. I back out of the game and there’s tons of lobbies in Scandinavia and North West Europe, so I have no idea…

I do these things too, and I agree with all your points and suggestions, but this doesnt help with quickplay matchmaking. Maybe there doesnt need to be a ping cap, but more tiers of search distance to use, or something of the sort.

Hey Smoker,

Though I do agree (for the most part) that a player with high ping can do fine, I think the difference is quite huge in a game like this.

To play Vermintide 2 optimally, you need to know when your attack and dodge windows are on enemies such as storm vermin and maulers. You can easily get in 1 or 2 headshots on a stormvermin while it’s charging up an overhead. However, if you do this on 200 ping (which is my ping a lot) you’ll probably get hit on your dodge or through block.

A prime example of this is the rat ogre. On anything above 170 ping, hitting him inbetween dodges (when you’re Ogre dancing) is very, VERY risky and you’ll probably die trying to do it. Thus, with high ping you’re forced to simply block and dodge just incase a hit gets through (you’ll probably still die though). The timing is just so off with anything over 150 ping.

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